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How do you want to give?

You can give to your own fund, address the most urgent needs facing our city through our Community Needs Fund, or give to a collaborative or giving circle. The choice is yours!

Your Fund

Your fund is your key to philanthropy. Give today and watch your investment—and grantmaking power—grow!

Community Needs Fund

Our Community Needs Fund helps us address emerging needs as they occur—from providing baby supplies to newly arrived migrant families to mitigating air pollution in city neighborhoods.

General Gift

You can give a gift of any amount to The Trust, and rest assured your funds will help us support the nonprofits that are building a thriving and equitable region for all New Yorkers.

A local women-led giving circle

WellMet Philanthropy supports and provides catalyst grants to emerging nonprofits in New York City through the power of collective giving and an actively engaged community of women.

Young(ish) New Yorkers giving back

Join this team of Gen X-through-Z New Yorkers and amplify your power to support positive change. The Giving Collective meets regularly to identify important causes and nonprofits to support together.

Redistributing wealth

The Zakat Fund of NYC offers a lasting way for donors to collectively fulfill their Zakat, a pillar of faith in Islam that involves redistributing wealth in the community to those in need.

Open a fund or explore more ways to give with The Trust

No matter how you want to make an impact, we can help you turn a variety of assets into a force for good.  

A doctor listens to a baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope while a caregiver stands by. 

Stay in Touch

Receive information about our grantmaking, learn about estate planning, get advice on your own giving, and more. You can choose what type of materials you would like to receive.