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Ways to Give

Give when, what & how you want

No matter how you want to make an impact, we can help you turn a variety of assets into a force for good. Give with a group or on your own, in your name or anonymously, today or tomorrow, for a specific cause or for the good of our region.

Ways to Give with The Trust

I would say for me there is a real joy of giving. We are grateful we have the ability to do it.

Christine Louvet, donor-advised fund cofounder

The Trust can be a lifesaver for people with no children or close family relations. Because The Trust is perpetual, my clients’ goals and aspirations will last forever.

Rita K. Gilbert, partner, Hyman & Gilbert; former chair of our Westchester advisory board; Legacy Society member

I love the fact that there are people that my family can reach out to at The Trust if they have any questions and I encourage my kids to do this.

Amy Seiden, donor-advised fund cofounder

We needed professional, proven, and compassionate guidance when we started our giving circle in 1999. We got and continue to get all three, and then some.

Deborah McManus, cofounder, Wellmet Philanthropy, a women’s giving circle at The Trust

Instead of hitting the 'default mode' and giving to large charities, we learn about smaller nonprofits making a difference, something we could never do on our own.

Jay Talbot, donor-advised fund cofounder

...I think it's important that we all contribute to our communities. The Trust makes it so easy to become an involved donor.

Michael Sasse, registered nurse, donor-advised fund cofounder

I want to...

Plan my estate
Solve tax challenges
Get guidance on giving
Memorialize a loved one
Give with my family
Create a giving circle
Give anonymously
Support the most urgent needs in our region
Plan my estate

Leave a meaningful legacy


We can help you leave an enduring charitable legacy that will respond to tomorrow’s challenges: safeguard the environment, provide opportunity, and care for your community. We have a variety of options to help you leave a powerful gift that will champion the causes dear to you for generations to come.

Jumpstart your legacy
Solve tax challenges

We have charitable solutions


Charitable giving is a meaningful way to make a difference in the world, and it can bring substantial tax benefits. We can work with you or your professional advisor to craft solutions that fit your needs, such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and more.

Contact us to learn more
Get guidance on giving

Meet with our philanthropic advising experts


With so many nonprofits out there, it can be hard to decide where to give. That’s why people partner with The Trust for their giving. Our deep bench of local experts is available to help you create a strategy and identify groups that align with your values and objectives.

Get philanthropic advising
Memorialize a loved one

Create a lasting tribute


Memorial funds are a powerful way to create an enduring and meaningful tribute to a loved one. They are simple to create and share with friends and family who would like to contribute. You can name a memorial fund in honor of your loved one and dedicate it to the causes they cared about to pay homage to their legacy.

Contact us to learn more
Give with my family

Make giving a family affair


Giving across generations is a great way to bring families together. You can choose to include family and friends as advisors to your fund, recommend grants to celebrate life milestones, and more. Wherever you are on your giving journey, and whatever your giving vehicle, whether a donor-advised fund or family foundation, The Trust’s team of philanthropy experts is ready to offer support and guidance as your needs evolve.

Learn more about giving together
Create a giving circle

Give with your community


It’s so easy to give with friends and family when you create a giving circle fund at The Trust. You can invite people to join, pool contributions, collaborate to identify nonprofits that fulfill your giving goals, and choose which grants to make. Our experts here at The Trust can answer questions or introduce you to organizations. We handle the administration so you can focus on the fun of grantmaking and building community. You also can join one of our existing giving circles.

Learn more about giving circles
Give anonymously

Choose how you share your giving story


At The Trust, you can choose to give anonymously and easily select who from your fund is credited for individual grants. You also can rename your fund at any time, or make it anonymous for a certain time period.

Contact us to learn more
Support the most urgent needs in our region

One gift can help hundreds of nonprofits


You can give a one-time or recurring gift to our Community Needs Fund, which pools contributions to quickly address pressing local challenges. We connect your generosity with effective nonprofits that are feeding hungry families, training job seekers, housing migrants, caring for older adults, educating children, and more.


You also can make an enduring gift through a permanent fund. Our professional grantmaking staff will identify the most urgent needs in the region and combine your fund with others to make a difference. In both cases, the power of your gift is multiplied.

Community Needs Fund

In your lifetime

Giving today

Set up a donor-advised fund to recommend grants or give to our Community Needs Fund to address urgent issues in your community today.  

Plan your legacy

Giving tomorrow

You can leave a charitable gift through your will or planned giving vehicle to an unrestricted, field-of-interest, or designated fund to support the causes you care about for generations to come.  

Our Fund Types

Unrestricted Fund

Support NYC, Long Island, or Westchester

Unrestricted funds provide maximum flexibility to address our region’s needs—today and tomorrow. We will ensure your gift supports effective nonprofits working on the most pressing problems in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. 

Field-of-Interest Fund

Support specific causes

A field-of-interest fund allows you to support specific causes, communities, and places that you care about. You can create a fund to help in one or several areas. Our donors have created funds to benefit the borough of Queens, women and girls, the environment, historic preservation, and more. Our grantmaking staff will help connect your generosity with groups working in the areas you care about. 

Designated Fund

Support specific organizations

Designated funds allow you to name the charity, or charities, you want to support. We invest the money, regularly make grants in your name, and monitor these organizations over time to ensure that your gift never becomes obsolete. 

Donor-Advised Fund

High impact giving

Having your donor-advised fund at The Trust means having access to our experienced philanthropic experts. It means invitations to events where you can meet like-minded New Yorkers and experience first-hand the impact of great local organizations. It also means having access to exclusive grantmaking opportunities and our easy-to-use grantmaking portal. And of course, it’s a great way to save on taxes with minimal paperwork. 


You can give gifts of cash online, by check, or U.S. currency.

Publicly traded securities

Gifts of securities offer important tax advantages and can be an excellent way to handle appreciated stock. The full fair market value is deductible as a charitable contribution without tax on the built-up capital gains.

Contributions from your IRA

Donors age 70-1/2 and older may direct contributions from an IRA directly to a public charity. The “charitable IRA rollover” provision allows you to exclude the IRA distribution from income—instead of taking it into income and claiming a charitable income tax deduction—under certain circumstances. Please be aware that under current law, the rollover provision doesn’t apply to contributions to donor-advised funds. You can, however, take full advantage of the charitable IRA rollover for contributions to our competitive grantmaking through a field-of-interest fund, our Community Needs Fund, and others.

Other retirement assets

Make charity your beneficiary. Income taxes can take a significant portion of retirement plan assets that are left to heirs. Instead, these assets can be set aside for charity. When these assets are allocated to charity, they are not subject to income tax and do not add to your heirs’ taxable inheritance. This results in the greatest benefit for both your loved ones and charitable beneficiaries.

Life insurance

You may choose to give your life insurance benefits to charity. You can claim a charitable tax deduction, based on the policy’s current value, if you make The New York Community Trust the owner and beneficiary of the policy during your lifetime. If you don’t need the deduction, you can choose to name The Trust as your beneficiary of a policy at death.

Real estate and other property

Certain property, such as jewelry, real estate, or copyrights, can be donated to The Trust under certain circumstances. Please contact us to discuss the details.

LLC or limited...

Are you interested in giving limited partnership interests, or selling a business and making a tax-smart contribution with a portion of the proceeds? We’re here to help.


Our donors take satisfaction in knowing their modest fees support our work to make New York better for all.

We'd love to chat. Reach out!

John Oddy

Vice President for Donor Relations


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We'd love to chat. Reach out!

David M. Okorn

Executive Director, Long Island


Phone: (631) 991-8800 x226

We'd love to chat. Reach out!

Laura Rossi


Executive Director, Westchester


Phone: (914) 948-5166 x3

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We’ve got experts in grantmaking and philanthropic giving across New York City, Long Island, and Westchester ready to work with you to achieve your charitable vision.