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Our donors take satisfaction in knowing their modest fees support our public charity’s work to make New York better for all.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are assessed an annual administrative fee. It is the greater of:

50 basis points (5/10 of 1%) of the average market value

(Example: Average market value of $300,000 = $1,500)


2.5% of grants paid

(Example: Grants of $15,000 = $375).

The fee is based on market value and taken in quarterly installments. If the fee collected by the end of the year is less than 2.5% of grants paid, then the difference will be withdrawn during the first quarter of the following year.

Cash waiting to be distributed in grants, identified as the “Grantmaking Account” on a donor statement, does not earn interest for the fund.

The fee on an individual grant of $500,000 or more is reduced to 1%.

Funds exceeding $50 million may be subject to further discount (depending on the nature of the holdings). The minimum annual fee is $100.


Other Types of Funds

Please contact us at the information below to discuss how we assess fees on permanent and other types of funds.

For additional information please contact:

John Oddy

Vice President for Donor Relations


Phone: (212) 686-2564