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Foundations, Corporations, & Family Offices

Whether we're helping them address urgent needs through our funder collaboratives, running their grant programs, or putting their funds to work to make a difference locally, The Trust has a long track record of serving as a philanthropic partner to foundations, corporations, and family offices.

Three people standing in a garden have an animated conversation.
Members of our Long Island advisory board discuss local strategy. A number of funder collaboratives help pool resources to make a difference on the Island. Photo by Casey Kelbaugh

A partner to all donors

From extending your reach into New York neighborhoods to becoming a new home for your family foundation’s assets, The Trust is here for you.

Two people on a boat collect water to assess its quality.
Foundations have used The Trust to pool resources to improve the water quality in the Long Island Sound. Photo courtesy of Save the Sound.

How Foundations & Corporations Work with Us

Have an idea that isn’t listed below? Contact us, and we can see if it’s possible! (We bet it is.)

Let us run a grant program for you
Dissolve a foundation into a fund at The Trust
Join others to make a bigger impact
Give to elevate your brand and build credibility
Let us run a grant program for you

Get more done without hiring staff


The Trust can run a full-service grantmaking program for you. Our staff can identify and select nonprofits; conduct due diligence and site visits; administer the grants and associated paperwork; monitor and evaluate the impact of the work; and create summary reports for your foundation.

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Dissolve a foundation into a fund at The Trust

More money for grantmaking, less hassle


Running a private foundation takes time, is an administrative and compliance burden, and requires money in upkeep that could be going to grants. The Trust can manage it all for you. Our professional grantmakers can ensure your funds continue to have maximum impact. The fund or funds can bear your name, honor your charitable goals, and be fully customized.

Join others to make a bigger impact

Find others who care about your causes


We have funder collaboratives focused on democracy, environment, workforce development, immigration, and more. They are a great way to pool knowledge around an issue. We welcome you to join one of our collaboratives.

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Give to elevate your brand and build credibility

Connect your corporation with the community


With The Trust, value-aligned companies have a partner that can help them develop a giving strategy; bolster their presence in local communities; and make grants with impact. A partnership with The Trust is a way to outsource professional grantmaking that is flexible, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Every family is unique

We have successfully worked with single and multi-family offices on customized long-term philanthropic planning. Family offices value our high standards, personal attention, and wide range of services.

Together, we go farther

For decades, we’ve brought together funders to address complex issues facing New York. Hundreds of funders have joined us through dozens of collaboratives, distributing hundreds of millions of dollars on issues ranging from democracy and diversity in the arts, to workforce development and transportation.

GoVoteNYC, a funder collaborative, helped get out the vote through public advertisements produced by F.Y. Eye. Photo by Andrea Wilson

Amplify your values

Foundations and corporations turn to The Trust because of our deep bench of local experts and commitment to meeting donors’ needs. We can efficiently identify groups that align with donors’ values and objectives.

Doris Duke Foundation hired The Trust to run a grantmaking program during the pandemic to help provide cash grants to performing artists.

The Trust was exactly the right partner to help us quickly shift gears to meet the needs of our grantees at an extraordinary moment

Chris McInerney, President and CEO of the Jerome L. Greene Foundation

Having worked closely together before, our foundation knew The Trust had the expertise to help us quickly disseminate application information and distribute grants nationwide

Maurine Knighton, Chief Program Officer at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

I have greatly enjoyed working with the team at The Trust. In addition to helping us shape the program (and then reshape after the pandemic hit), they worked with us to develop the application, manage a team of reviewers, and helped inform the grant decisions

Marlyn Torres, Senior Program Officer at the New York Life Foundation
Three older women smiling and laughing

May Your Circle Be Unbroken

On June 25, the The Trust’s Women’s Advisory Council sponsored May Your Circle Be Unbroken, hosted by Fiduciary Trust International, as part of our Women’s…
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Philanthropic Initiatives Officer


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