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Annual Report

Three Become One

Top to bottom: Asian American Federation, Jazz Forum Arts, Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery

At The New York Community Trust, we serve a region that stretches from the eastern shore of Long Island, through the city’s five boroughs, and to the history-rich neighborhoods of Westchester County.

For decades, The Trust has shown its commitment to Long Island and Westchester through the work of its branded affiliates, the Long Island Community Foundation and Westchester Community Foundation, which we have been pleased to lead.

While we used three separate names and brands, the Long Island Community Foundation and Westchester Community Foundation have always been interwoven into The Trust’s work. Long Island and Westchester are central to The Trust’s identity as New York’s community foundation and to our vision of serving the eight-county region.

In conjunction with The Trust’s—with our—100th anniversary, we’re strengthening this vision by sunsetting the Long Island and Westchester monikers. Moving forward, our important work on Long Island and in Westchester will fall under The Trust’s sole brand.

We encouraged this change because we believe it more accurately honors The Trust’s mission to create an equitable and thriving New York region.

As part of The Trust, we will continue to serve Long Island and Westchester communities with the same dedicated staff and advisory boards, who will advance our important programmatic work and grantmaking commitments.

We’ll also maintain a physical presence at our Westchester and Long Island offices and continue to honor and build upon our relationships with local nonprofits, donors, and communities.
Creating a single, unified brand amplifies our ability to powerfully advocate for our region with one voice.

We’re delighted to share this news—and we are energized by what it means for our work.

In partnership,

David Okorn
Executive Director, Long Island

Laura Rossi
Executive Director, Westchester